Short takes (most only 60 seconds) on school  madness. Enjoy!


(Teacher schools principal on common core state standards.)

Welcome Back to School Speech 

(The principal attempts to create a welcoming atmosphere.)

Shifting the Paradigm 

(The superintendent hauls in that old educational phrase one more damn time.)

This is a School!

 (Principal says ‘school’; teacher says ‘educate.’ Never the twain shall meet.)

Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz 

(Have you taken your staff development quiz?)

Crickets in the Classroom

 ( A sort of poem to the creatures who inhabit the classroom, and I’m not talking about the students.)

NEW! Edifried Edukator

 sent me a video she made and gave me permission to put it here. It’s about TEACHER EVALUATION and nonconformity!!! And it’s awesome:


3 responses to “Videos

  1. Roxy

    I’ll never be annoyed again by the conversation of crickets.

  2. Ron Byrnes

    Just watched the Welcome Back to School Speech. Funny sad. My first year of teaching in a LA high school, my 11th grade US History class and I were at an assembly. One asked, “Who is that woman in the business suit?” “That’s your principal,” I explained. Year and a half in and they didn’t recognize her. That’s obviously an extreme example, but I’ve often thought that most of the adversarial teacher-admin waste of energy could be alleviated by administrators teaching one period a day. Is that asking too much?

    • Ron–It’s not asking too much! But I would settle just for a principal who was actually interested in the specific things I was teaching. I used to put student writing samples in his mailbox with a note or send links to things they had created online–nothing too much, just an occasional excellent piece of student work. I never heard back about any of it. I’m not exaggerating. Thanks for watching the video! You’d probably like the “This is a School” one, too.

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