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State education departments say “no” to end-of-year testing

Across the Nation (TWP) 

In response to widespread teacher protests and rallies in support of teachers who have recently been scapegoated, semi-lynched, raked over the black souls of the education department’s policy wankers, and, in general, blamed for bad kids, stupid kids, the economic downfall, the Olson twins, potted meat, and alopecia, teachers have finally gotten school administrators and test-addicted bureaucrats to see the light.

Instead of the annual three to four week onslaught of end-of-instruction tests, schools are now going to get the opportunity to test their students year-round! In an identical statement issued from the education departments of several states at once, the superintendents declared the following:

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New school language studied by etymologist

Garner, MO (TWP)

Teachers, staff, and students at GarnerMiddle School have created a new language of sorts, one worthy of research and further study. Noted etymologist Dr. Rand Lichtenstein of Harvard has recently published his research on the language in the April issue of the Modern Language Review.

Lichtenstein studied the school over an eight-week period, after it had come to light that outside members of the public and parents were unable to communicate effectively with those associated with the school. “What I found was an ingenuous code these people had developed in order to survive in the educational environment that has arisen around them,” Lichtenstein said.

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Teacher’s success baffles education establishment

Topeka, KANSAS (TWP)

Researchers commissioned by the Kansas Department of Education reported inconclusive findings in their study of Topeka High English teacher Marti Davis’s success. Davis, recently fired for non-compliance in several areas, including conducting, remediating, and storing data from mandated state-issued tests, appeared to have highly successful students anyway.

“We’re not quite sure why there seems to be no relation between Ms Davis’s failure to teach in the proper way and the continued success rate of her students in tests, graduation, college, and work,” said Bernard Simpson, head of Education Design for 21st Century Schooling. “I don’t know. Her shit just don’t stink.”

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