The Teaching Whore has been a public high school teacher for over 20 years. After a lifetime of writing for the man, satire is now the tool I prefer to use. That’s all this site is. Contact the whore if you would like: teachingwhore@juno.com.

5 responses to “About

  1. Hi! I’ve nominated your amazing blog for the Liebster Award (a great way for bloggers to help promote each others’ blogs)!

    Check it out:


  2. I’m all for satire. You’ve got a really cool blog here…

  3. tinaricci

    From one teaching whore to another — it’s nice to find another voice in the wilderness! I also spent over 20 years teachwhoring and have recently retired. My nerves are shot. When you have a chance stop by my blog at http://www.retiredextremelydangerous.blogspot.com.

  4. First of all, this is one of the greatest blogs I have ever found, and I am subscribing to it this instant.

    Second of all, I am an aspiring teacher with a minor in Satire. You are literally the King/Queen of everything I want to be. Ever.

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