I Quit My Job!

Yes indeedy do. Details to come . . . stay tuned!

DETAILS as of 7/15/11:

Things were not getting better at the school I had been teaching at for 6 years. Principal and superintendent were not listeners. Both mouthed platitudes that were never concretely backed-up. Principal only called 1 faculty meeting for the entire year–and used it to abuse teachers for unspecified actions. The schedule was ridiculous, and the super refused to listen to teacher input about it.

I had been looking around at the want-ads and found one at another school nearby. I was immediately impressed with the superintendent and principal, who were both up-front about what they wanted . . . and . . . here’s the kicker–were very appreciative of my many years of experience and success as a teacher. They were already asking me for my input about classes and how to teach them. We teachers know how important appropriate praise, recognition, and attention are for our students. All good bosses know this. Why do so few admin know it?

We keep teaching because we love our subject and we love working with kids. Sometimes those two things simply aren’t enough. Sometimes you want to have input in the decisions that affect the students, which is the main reason you chose teaching–to have a positive effect on students. Sometimes, when you’re making a difference (which I was at this school), you also want it to be noticed . . . not with an award or even money (though, those are fine if you want to fork them over) but with a word, an email, a PERSONAL fucking acknowledgement of one’s efforts.

I’m hoping to have a good experience at this new school. It is quite a bit different. I hope it will not give the Teaching Whore fodder. I repeat: I hope it will not give the Teaching Whore fodder.

Now . . . on the state and national level, I’m sure the fodder will always be there. And so in that sense,  I hope to keep writing! Thanks to everyone who reads and comments and lurks and . . . exists metaphorically beside me.


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9 responses to “I Quit My Job!

  1. Okiescifi

    I SO understand why you quit & I am SO Happy that you found a school that still appreciates teachers and what we do. The Number one thikg that imporves student learning is the TEACHER! Not the testing, not the administration, not the “time on task”, not the huge number of other factors that are both good and bad and silly, but the classroom teacher!
    I too quit my job…..if only for a few hours, but I went back…(and we will see how that goes). I work with Great folks, great students, and love the community. SO I stayed….But I also decided to be a voice for eduction in some way…. still finding the medium….but I have the voice! Check out Effort SOS on facebook for some great disscusion. Sure wish I could spell, or type, or both!!!

  2. gilda

    I hope you have a terrific year to pay you for all the lousy ones–and I ain’t talking about money! Just PUHLEESE keep writing this blog!

  3. =P

    Can’t wait to find out why!

    I quit my job, too, after 3 years. Still have mixed emotions about it.

  4. Miss Crabtree

    OMG. Now what will the strumpet of instruction do?

  5. Applauding for you… but grieving for next year’s students who would have had your class.

    By the way, I shared your site with a like-minded friend and am now posting her site link in case you’d like to read it:

  6. gilda

    Obviously a good thing or you wouldn’t have done it. Can’t wait to hear more.
    I retired earlier than planned after 38 years rather than go back and do more of what clearly wasn’t working….it’s been 30+ days now and I feel a whole lot better about almost everything. Hope you’re sharing that feeling!

  7. Shall we go back at 3 a.m. and the burn the building to the ground? That usually makes me feel a lot better about leaving. It provides a sense of closure that is psychologically healthy. Don’t worry I will pay for gas.

    • Miss Crabtree

      Uh,… we never had this conversation, right? If said school spontaneously combusts–I know nuthin’ about no school fire. You feel me?

  8. Wow. I’m interested to see the details. Congratulations…?

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