Anybody reading?

I survived another school year. Who is still reading this blog? What do you want me to write about? Not sure I have much in me now that summer is here, and I’m the kind of gal that needs constant feedback to write. I love writing and I hate it, you know! Comment with your thoughts please and thank you.


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24 responses to “Anybody reading?

  1. Traveler

    TW – Just got turned on to your blog and am loving it. I’m a strategy consultant, so basically travel around teaching people within corporations about how to improve their long term strategy. My father is a retired high school teacher though, with many interesting stories that he loves to tell. Please keep up the great posts!

    • Thanks, Traveler, and I’m glad you found me. Strategy consultant work is, I imagine, a lot like teaching. I am glad I have had a lot of training in facilitation and mediation–of course, none of which was from my education classes in college!

  2. Miss Crabtree

    Oo-oo-oo! Maybe Erna is just being ironic. Maybe it is just a joke. Sorry Erna. You are actually VERY funny. Good job!

  3. nokiaunlockcodes is amazing, bookmarked!

    Folks, this was spam but I liked the message!–TW

  4. Ahh there should be loadsa stuff goin on there in that head of yours now that summer is here. Think of all the kids out enjoying themselves and the poor teachers sitting on their hands with nothing to do 🙂

    What about carrying the dominant teacher persona out onto the streets, into the supermarkets and of course in your very own home.

    There must be some fun posts about how you can take the teacher out of the school but you cannot take the school out of the teacher, it’s onto the streets to teach whoever will listen.

    Keep up the great posts.

    Declan–Thanks for your insightful comments. Taking it to the streets….hmmm. I like your blog, too!!!–TW

  5. Miss Crabtree

    A friend of mine said that she passed along a list of topic ideas earlier in the year. Ideas for future satirical romps include, but are not limited to:
    hall duty
    lunchroom duty
    administrative directives
    professional development
    school board meetings
    summer administrator retreats
    departments of curriculum and instruction
    lousy admins who get promoted
    morning announcements
    announcements during the school day that interrupt instruction
    crazy e-mail from admins
    teacher of the year
    teacher parking spots
    open houses

    Here are some new ones:
    the last school day
    what teacher do on their summer vacations
    scheduling nightmares
    summer cleaning of schools
    school maintenance
    air conditioned schools (ours never works)
    planning time

    Thanks, Miss Crabtree, for your always fun and helpful comments! I really like the idea of writing about what teachers do in the summer. I’ll get to work on it.–TW

    • Sean

      For the first time ever, I didn’t clean my room, as I wasn’t returning due to my retirement, I took a few personal items and just abandoned the room. It sort of looked like ” Yucca Flats after the war.”

  6. liz wisniewski

    Teachingwhore – I am reading every new post, I love you – your posts are so on target and fun – I even copy them and send them to friends and family. Take a vacation….but promise to come back. Liz

    Thanks, Liz, for reading and spreading the word!–TW

  7. Miss Crabtree

    You know that I need that TW fix!

    I’ll do what I can to keep you supplied!–TW

  8. The problem with writing about teaching in the summer is that there is that rosy glow surrounding your memories. It’s always the time when I decide I really don’t want to get out of teaching. Keep writing — just so I remember why I keep looking for real jobs come January.

    –I feel the same–summer convinces me to stick with it, while around Oct., I’m already wishing I had taken that bartender or 7-11 job when it came up. Thanks for reading!–TW

  9. I’ve been on the road and haven’t been able to keep up with any of my subscriptions, but I’m catching up now and would love to still see your work in my feed!

    Thanks for the encouragement! I wanna still be feeding the feed.–TW

  10. I always forget to check in and read – until you post a reminder on Facebook. You’re a great writer with insightful views of all aspects about education issues. You deserve a book deal.

    -Awesome! You don’t realize how many books I have stored in my filing cabinets and on outdated disks and in boxes with the paper yellowing……TW

  11. I wish you a refreshing and relaxing summer. Please don’t stop blogging. Your little satires are funny and insightful! And you cannot possibly be out of targets – surely over the summer the educational hoo-doos will come up with a few more programs that answer all the questions of the universe – which we will adopt for one year and then discard.

    -Our hoo-doos (love that) have adopted the Leader in Me for next year, which is replacing the TAG (can’t remember what acronym means) which we had last year and which did not survive until the winter break! I enjoy your blog, too!–TW

    • Fred and Wilma

      Hoodoo is the geological term used to identify the strange and odd-shaped chimney-like formations carved by the erosional forces of wind and water–possibly even by ice–in sedimentary rock. Especially noteworthy across the Colorado Plateau of SW Colorado, S Utah, N Arizona, and NW New Mexico. Also seen in the Badlands of Dakota and in Cappadocia, Turkey. Picture the spires at Bryce Canyon. Also known as tent rocks or fairy chimneys. My favorites are the odd little gremlin figures seen in Gobln Valley State Park in Utah.

      Great term for the overexposed, time-weary, power-eroded, dusty, dried up visionaries of public education.

  12. scifilady

    Oh, please, keep writing! WE ARE READINGG!!!! You make the moments when I would like to pull my hair out (or better yet someone from the state department of ed’s hair or any other body part out!!) bearable (I know that is spelled wrong, but it looks cute) and allow me to chuckle intead of scream! We need your voice & your writings to help us do what we do & realize that others face the same things! YOu are not a voice crying aloud in the wilderness. WE may not write much, but, oh, how we love to read & ponder thaese writings of yours!

    –I like “bearable,” too–makes me think of clawing my way out of something! Thanks for reading–TW

    • Miss Crabtree

      Girls, girls, girls! You are correct. It is bearable–able to be borne. Certainly not bareable–able to be bared, as in nekid.

  13. nonteachingsister

    Please continue your witty repartee.

    -And please continue with your gracious responses!–TW

  14. Gilda

    Dear TW/SATP,
    I would hate to see you stop writng for the summer-or any extended period. Your ability to take what drives us nuts on a daily basis, and turn it into pieces that amuse and bemuse me, is a real talent. I look forward to each new post with anticipation and glee. Have you taken on the myriad problems with the new special ed regs lately? That would be fodder for months on end…..

    –Gilda, thanks so much for commenting regularly and keeping me going. I do hear the moans and groans from our special ed teachers but have, alas, been too consumed with my own problems to get further information. The struggle will continue!–TW

  15. Erna Lambert

    Hi. My name is Erna Lambert and I’m a grammar expert. This is nicely written. You were able to express yourself in a good approach, however there are numerous syntax trail-offs in what you had written. The title for example isn’t in perfect grammar tense. I provide confidential mentoring to copy writers and I also have a software that I use to accomplish wonderful articles each time I write, and no this just isn’t your standard Microsoft Word syntax checker. Make sure you check it. 🙂

    –Readers, I approved this comment (after deleting the website address because I thought you would enjoy it. –TW

    • scifilady

      This is like proofreading Faulkner (He wrote really LONG sentences) or Hemingway. WHo does this person think she is…..commenting on the syntax of your posts?? TW, We–in the trenches and classrooms need your wrinting to continue just as it is!!! My first response to the above comment was as my students would say “WTF!?”

  16. I have always been curious as to what teacher’s did in the summer. For instance, are the rumour’s true? Do you dissolve into the cosmos only to re-appear in September? Do you step into another dimension where it is September once again? I recall an adult telling when I was a kid that they herd all of you to some island by New Zealand? Or is it New Zealand? My children think that all the teachers go on business trips and vacations. That is just to strange to me. It can not be true…..

    –This is hilarious. Reminds me of how students sometime respond when they see me out at a store, like they are surprised that I, too, require milk and bread. I would love to go to New Zealand. I garden in the summer and then spend a week or so grading AP exams! Thanks for reading and commenting!–TW

  17. Gricklegrass

    Your astute observations about life and education are bang-on! You express so eloquently what I cannot. Thank you for offering many pondering moments. Please continue to write about education. Include some poetry about life and work and family. Keep up the satire. Keep “killing Kenny” whenever you see fit.

    –“Bang on!” Oh yeah. “Killing Kenny” is a perfect metaphor for this satire. The brown-hooded one full of “educational reforms” refuses to die!–TW

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