Superintendent knows the teachers are up to something

Delozier WY (TWP)

Superintendent Sam Rutherford knows the teachers at his district are “up to something,” but he’s not sure what yet. According to tapes from an informal meeting of the superintendent and school board at Delozier Schools, Wyoming, that were leaked to TWP, Rutherford has put the principals in the district on alert that “shenanigans may be in the air.”

“If we relax the vigilance one iota, we could be goners,” Rutherford said to mumbled agreement. A school board member’s voice could then be heard on the scratchy tape, and though the words were unintelligible, the note of warning in the tone was apparent.

TWP has also learned that the superintendent has extended the blockade of bullshit that he authorized to fortify the Education Services Building at the beginning of the year, when he authorized without input from anyone an extended school day, decreased planning time, and scanning devices that record the number of times a teacher retreated to the faculty lounge in the course of a day.

After receiving her first Lounge Activity Scan Inventory (LASI), Dot True, high school reading teacher, told TWP, “Apparently, I have to shit more than the average teacher, as my bar graph is quite a bit higher and more purple than most other teachers.”

Asked if she cared that the administration knew how often she had to shit, True said, “Ah, come on. This thing doesn’t really measure how much I shit. They wanted to keep us from talking to each other so they thought they would intimidate us by”—

Interrupted by another teacher, who refused to give her name, True learned that indeed SoT did measure the level of Shit on Task True was committing on a weekly basis. The unnamed teacher explained, “Your Shit-on-Task is going to be correlated with the feces graphs from the other teachers in your department and that will be cross-referenced to your students’ state mandated test scores to determine your pay for the coming year.”

Although TWP did not share this confidential information with the superintendent, Rutherford seemed to know that something was rotten in the state of Delozier Schools, and it wasn’t just the teachers too paranoid to flush the toilets for fear of aggregated feces charts appearing in their personnel files.

As he stood unflinching behind sandbags of bullshit piled to the E in Education on the yellow brick building, Rutherford raised a fist and stormed, “Why can’t they just do what is best for the children! Why can’t they just go in their classrooms and stay in there for 8 or 10 hours and then go home or to one of the school’s basketball games or fundraisers or school plays or . . . Why must they talk to other adults!”

Two children from the middle school who arrived to ask for a quote from the superintendent for their school paper were abruptly shooed away. “Get back to your classroom!” the superintendent hissed. “You’re not coming in MY office.”

Asked whether they were planning a revolt against the administration, teachers district-wide said, “When the fuck are we supposed to find time for that?”



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3 responses to “Superintendent knows the teachers are up to something

  1. Now this is funny……

    spread the

  2. Miss Crabtree

    It is suspected that the deep purple nature of Ms. True’s graphed results are the consequence of the beet ragout concocted by district dieticians after receiving a (pardon the expression) shitload of government beets waylaid from an overage of beet production last fall in Minnesota. Rather than paying to store the beets any longer, the vegetables were diverted to school lunch programs in strategically located states. “That beats all,” exclaimed Mitzy Schonberger, head of the Wyoming’s school lunch oversight task force. “Beets are good for you. They are rich in Vitamins B, E, and T. But they are hell to get out of the aprons worn by most of our school lunch personnel. We sent out a warning to all the cafeterias.”

    Local Tea Party officials championed the savings garnered by removing beets from storage and putting them onto the lunch trays of thousands of school children. “I wouldn’t eat ’em myself,” explained Bud Tugly, the Grand Teamaster of Laramie, “But they’re good enough for them kids to chow down on.”

  3. Luke

    I laughed out loud at “Apparently, I have to shit more than the average teacher, as my bar graph is quite a bit higher and more purple than most other teachers.”.

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