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New school language studied by etymologist

Garner, MO (TWP)

Teachers, staff, and students at GarnerMiddle School have created a new language of sorts, one worthy of research and further study. Noted etymologist Dr. Rand Lichtenstein of Harvard has recently published his research on the language in the April issue of the Modern Language Review.

Lichtenstein studied the school over an eight-week period, after it had come to light that outside members of the public and parents were unable to communicate effectively with those associated with the school. “What I found was an ingenuous code these people had developed in order to survive in the educational environment that has arisen around them,” Lichtenstein said.

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Education officers arrest half of Springfield High’s faculty

Springfield KY (TWP) 

Education enforcement officers recently cracked down at Springfield High School in Kentucky. Two separate math teachers were ticketed for completing end-of-instruction practice booklets at excessive speeds. Tipped off by a crying girl, officers lurked near the open doorway of Ester Reed’s room until their radar clocked her going 2 mph (mundane problems honed) over the State Education Department limit.

The crying girl was later found to be suffering from eternal drama fatigue, unrelated to any math infractions (or fractions) pending in the room.

English teacher Donette McKinney, cited for negligence of her recently-installed Smart Board, posted bail with the spare change she had accumulated in years of selling pencils to students (another violation of Education Code BE-19999982—profiting from the poverty, ignorance, and laziness of a captive source).

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Superintendent knows the teachers are up to something

Delozier WY (TWP)

Superintendent Sam Rutherford knows the teachers at his district are “up to something,” but he’s not sure what yet. According to tapes from an informal meeting of the superintendent and school board at Delozier Schools, Wyoming, that were leaked to TWP, Rutherford has put the principals in the district on alert that “shenanigans may be in the air.”

“If we relax the vigilance one iota, we could be goners,” Rutherford said to mumbled agreement. A school board member’s voice could then be heard on the scratchy tape, and though the words were unintelligible, the note of warning in the tone was apparent.

TWP has also learned that the superintendent has extended the blockade of bullshit that he authorized to fortify the Education Services Building at the beginning of the year, when he authorized without input from anyone an extended school day, decreased planning time, and scanning devices that record the number of times a teacher retreated to the faculty lounge in the course of a day.

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Secretary of Education tells teachers things they didn’t know

Across America (TWP)

Arne Duncan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, recently said, “It is a fundamental, unalterable belief that every child can learn, and a fundamental understanding of the tremendous urgency of our work.”

Shaking with disbelief, Sacramento High School music teacher Sandra Estep said, “Wow. I never thought about what I do in that way. I am so ready to change the way I teach now that I know how fundamentally urgent it is in a fundamental way.”

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