Teacher fired for looking cross-eyed at a student

Across the US (TWP)

Junctionville Elementary reading teacher Julie Parker was fired on Tuesday for looking cross-eyed at one of her 36 students in third hour. The student had just asked if they needed to know what was on the board for the test, and Parker apparently turned from the student she was helping and did something “inappropriate” according to school authorities, with her eyes in the student’s direction.

The child’s mother, who could not be named because this would reveal the child’s identity, told TWP that Parker “deliberately tried to shame my son Martin Weaver with a look that was making fun of a physical peculiarity he can’t do anything about.”

The mother explained that her son “had been diagnosed with eye-attention deficit disorder and is very sensitive about comments about his eyes.”

Parker issued a statement saying, “I never noticed a single thing wrong with his eyes. There certainly wasn’t anything in his IEP, 504, and 2011-Data Test spreadsheet and EOI-3 charts about it. I didn’t make fun of him. I’m not that kind of teacher. I crossed my eyes in an expression of exasperation.”

In the first firing on the grounds of exasperation, Junctionville school officials were adamant. Parker had “crossed the line,” Superintendent Paul Fleming said that teachers today had to make sure their lessons, dialogue  “and facial gestures were in alignment with district curriculum and standards of impeccable moral behavior.”

Similar firings have occurred in other parts of the country in recent weeks. In Lansing, Wyoming, an alternative education math teacher was fired for saying she was “excessively tired from this week’s work” on her Facebook profile. School officials cited the teacher for “using incendiary expressions of dissatisfaction with her contractual agreements.”

In Bastion, North Carolina, high school accounting teacher Lynn Snowden was fired for telling a student he “needed to quit being so lazy.” The student’s father admitted to TWP that his son was lazy but noted, “She didn’t have to point it out to him.”

Along with exasperation, dissatisfaction, and honesty, other grounds for termination or suspension of employment of the nation’s public school teachers in the past few months include fatigue, broken-down Hyundais, and bad teeth.

Parker is not appealing her termination and is currently working at the Five Nations Casino, where she has been known to cross her eyes at the customers.



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6 responses to “Teacher fired for looking cross-eyed at a student

  1. My 4th-grade teacher had pointy boobs and used to get chalk marks on the tips.
    I plan to sue the school district. I believe I deserve to have 4th grade re-taught to me in it’s entirety.

  2. Miss Crabtree

    I will say that bad teeth should never be justification for teacher termination. According to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, all teachers should be able to get their teeth fixed–what with their fabulous salaries and benefits. A trip to the dentist should be entirely possible. However, in some districts on the East Coast, teachers have been liable for significant disciplinary action for wearing chalk-stained blouses from Loehman’s.

  3. SlimJim

    Why, shucks, little lady, me and’ my brother Bruster used to cross our eyes so much that they did get stuck–jes like Mama said they would.

  4. Gilda

    Love your post, but you left out one reason for being terminated with extreme prejudice–telling the truth. It is happening in all schools. I figure it is part of a cost saving strategy to get rid of as many teachers as possible. Bring in the newbies who don’t know any better, and there will be much less truth telling.

  5. Roxy

    I thought asking a student, “What the hell is wrong with you?” would get me into trouble. But he cleverly gathered up his buddies and dictionary.commed each word of my expression and played it back for me. Touche!

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