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Teachers getting paid for their summers off


In national news, President Obama said he wants to put an end to the backlash against teachers who don’t work in the summer by paying them to do so. His plan calls for compensating the time it takes to create lesson plans, attend workshops and conferences, read, and prepare for the school year during June and July.

 President Obama noted in a primetime speech on education, “The misconception is that teachers get paid in the summer. The truth is that summer for teachers is unpaid leave. It’s comparable to what happens to an employee being investigated for a crime. Take two months while we investigate your crimes, sucker, and by the way, we’re not paying you for it either.”

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Robot educators bring 21st-century change to nation’s schools


Strickland Public Schools has been chosen to pilot a new educational program designed to ensure students pass state-mandated curriculum and graduation tests. The program, funded in part by a grant from 21st Century Edutech, formerly known as FallApart Products, will see Edutech’s new line of robot educators being placed in the classroom.

Strickland superintendent of schools Ron Maloney said of the program, “What better solution to the current crisis in education. We need more students to pass robotic multiple-choice tests; therefore, we need some real robots doing the teaching.”

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Merit pay for parents on the agenda in Iowa

 Des Moines IA (TWP)

 Middle school science teacher Rhonda Spelling met with legislators at the state capitol on Tuesday to discuss a proposed bill on merit pay for parents that she co-authored. The bill would issue merit pay funds, similar to how they are rewarded to teachers, to parents whose children aren’t failures.

 Using funds from the state lottery, the legislation would make it possible to pay parents of children for a variety of outcomes and behaviors, such as not getting pregnant or (in the case of male children) not getting another adolescent pregnant. Merit pay can also be earned if parents don’t allow their children to work from 4 to midnight at McDonald’s on school nights.

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This Week in Education Books: The Liquor in Me

(TWP) Retired high school psychology teacher Bourbon Lovesme is following up the success of his blockbuster The 7 Cocktails of Lightly-Soused Teachers with The Liquor in Me, an inebriating blueprint for “spirit”ual success in schools for teachers everywhere.

Lovesme’s 413-page tome details how the 7 cocktails mentioned in his earlier New York Times bestselling self-help book can bring courage and fortitude to the faculty lounge, every teacher’s launching pad into the world of student life.

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Teacher finds two dimes in bottom drawer of desk

Port Steven, ALABAMA (TWP)

News spread quickly this week that Mona Richards, a Port Steven Middle School art teacher, had found two dimes in the bottom drawer of her desk. The riches immediately set Richards planning for her retirement.

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Teacher’s Guide to a New Year’s Revolution

Being an overview of the latest title from TWP, soon to be on bookshelves across the country

The day before returning to school in January, most public school teachers A) question their sanity, B) stock up on gin, C) update the resume, or D) start planning the revolution. Resolutions are for failures and motivational speakers.

Step One in the revolution: Get Oprah on board.

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