Creekview Superintendent says No Child Left Behind a success

 Creekview, NEVADA (TWP)

 While school districts across the nation continue to struggle to meet the No Child Left Behind mandates, Creekview School Superintendent Manny Rothchild says his school has perfected the act’s mandates.

“We have never left a child behind in the nine years that the NCLB act has been in effect,” said Rothchild. “We care about the health, well-being, and schooling of every individual child in our school.”

While test scores have not shown improvement at Creekview, the school has continued to grow, and Rothchild said this was partly due to its successful implementation of NCLB.

“The word about how good we were doing has spread, and parents are wanting their children to be at a successful school like ours,” said Rothchild. Creekview is a suburb of Las Vegas, which has the fastest growing school district in the nation.

 There are detractors though, some inside the school itself. High school algebra teacher Devin Stacey said, “We teachers have been working on the early reading program at the elementary school and getting our libraries up to speed to help with literacy, and those are both NCLB inititatives, but we’ve had little administrative leadership or support in the process.”

Asked about specific NCLB mandates, Rothchild said, “In the past nine years, we have not left a child behind on any field trip. We have not left them behind when doing a fire drill. We have not left them behind when implementing the free and reduced price lunch program. What more evidence does a person need?”

Elementary librarian Barbara Little said, “The hole in our library ceiling ruined almost one-third of our collection, but instead of using some available funds to fix it, we got a new locker room for the football team.”

Of this use of funds, Rothchild noted, “We have never left a child behind after a football game. They always get on the bus!”



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11 responses to “Creekview Superintendent says No Child Left Behind a success

  1. No Child Left Behind was yet another attempt to quiet down our community from complaining about students not succeeding by giving them a bone to chew for a little while. That thing was a pure set up for failure. But it worked as a fabulous distraction, and gave many analysts and attorneys jobs, so that’s good, right? 🙂

  2. Maria

    In my humble opinion, you need to get right behind “Every Child Needs a Good, Swift Kick in the Left Behind.”

  3. Sean

    This has been my favorite one yet!!!!! NCLB, the Texas TAKS Exam, you know, I can officially retire as of Friday Dec. 17, 2010…..Tell me a reason why I should go back and face a Spring fighting 7 classes of 12th graders all with the dreaded “SENIORITIS???”

  4. duke1959

    You are so right about that. I grew up around teachers and the word “dissent” was one that wasn’t used very often. Teaching like any profession there are good ones and then there are those that have no busines in a classroom. I like your blog.

  5. duke1959

    NCLB is one of those things that in an ideal world would be true. Part of the problem was Cingress didnt fund it. Another thing its like this healthcare debate. We really do not have National Healthcare system. What we have are regional and local systems, I think the same is true for NCLB.

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