Teacher causes continual school disruptions

New Township, OHIO (TWP)

 New Township High School English teacher Rachel Truman was reprimanded at the school board meeting Tuesday. High School principal Jeffrey Klung cited various offenses that Truman had been committing during the school year.

 “Ms Truman’s failure to abide by the school bell and period system is particularly disruptive to the school. Continually letting students out one minute before the bell—and on occasion, sometimes almost two minutes– contributes to a distraction,” Klung told the board.

 Truman, who was in attendance, said, “Sometimes I reward students for their hard work by letting them leave early.”

 “But that’s unacceptable,” Klung said. “Everyone has to abide by the same rules.”

 Truman asked for an explanation of the particular disruption she caused, but no specifics were given, though “time on task” was repeated on numerous occasions during the two-hour long board meeting.

 Other disruptions Truman was cited for included allowing students to take pictures on their phones and allowing the use of those phones in the classroom. In response, Truman offered a website address that board members could look at to view the results of the phone usage—digital stories about the school and town for local military members serving in Iraq.

 The overall consensus from the principal, superintendent, and board members appeared to be that all teachers must follow the same rules and that school policies could not be breached for any reason.

 Truman added that the school had paid for her participation in a workshop at the technology center earlier in the year. The workshop was titled “Using Cell Phones in the Classroom.”

  The conversation then returned to that crucial minute of time that students were losing in her classroom by rushing to the restrooms and their lockers in order to have a break before the next hour-long class.

 Truman has been put on a plan of improvement. Later in the meeting, several teachers were recognized for their award-winning programs. Truman was included in that group.



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3 responses to “Teacher causes continual school disruptions

  1. Roxy

    Why not let them use the phones in class. They frequently have tummy text problems and run to the bathroom anyway to read “ima,” “lmao,” “prolly,” and other words that make English teachers gag. At the least they won’t be reading them in your class. Also, we don’t have bell at our school So, you know, I let them come to class 4 minutes late and start 4 minutes later because they’re only going to spend 4 minutes or so on task anyway before the diarrhea hits!

  2. creationdivine

    Enjoyed this post a lot, and I look forward to reading more. Where has the “creativity” in the classroom gone? It’s now mandated by rules and governing boards.

  3. It’s fascinating to watch the cataclysmic shift in the world taking place with technology and the Internet, and to see the way the public school system not only seem to insist on approaching things as though this Internet is a fad, and that we must continue to teach the old ways, but that in a time of global upheaval and change, to continue the charge that anything that rocks the bureaucratic boat is bad.

    Whenever I teach Emerson (and I definitely pound him home), I spend a lot of time on what an education actually is, and their analysis of what they’re being taught in word, as contrasted with in practice. Often it falls on deaf ears, but there’s always more windmills to tilt.

    Just discovered your site, and am poking around. I really enjoy it.

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