Wyoming Education Department starts new online teacher evaluation program

 Wyoming (TWP) The State Education Department of Wyoming has begun an online teaching evaluation program that students, parents, and anyone really can use to grade the state’s public school teachers.

 Wyoming education secretary Mo Banacek says of the program launched on Dec. 17, just in time for Christmas break, “We did considerable research on teacher evaluation programs throughout the nation, and then some boys in an advanced computer class at Roundoff Middle School brought this one to the board’s attention. We liked it immediately.”

 The evaluation system, run though Survey Monkey, allows students, parents, and anyone really to log on to the system, find any public school teacher in the state, and answer some basic questions about them. Questions range from, “Is he a good teacher” to “What do you not like about him?”

 Banacek explained at a press conference that the system will be linked to teacher pay the following year. “I’m sure we’ll have a few quirks and little knick-knacky things to work out, but I don’t see why we can’t start hooking up the system to the payroll as soon as the summer rolls around.”

 Supporters of the evaluation program say that it is better than having to base teacher evaluations on standardized tests, something that is happening in many states. First-year algebra teacher Georgie Pace said, “It’s sick. We’re like the first state to go online with this. Like wow.”

 Those against the program feel it is unfair. Career teacher Madelyn Stevenson, Laramie, said, “It’s just another way for principals to weasel out of actually evaluating the teachers by going to their classrooms and being engaged in what students are learning.”

 The teacher evaluation can be viewed by following this Survey Monkey link. Banacek encourages Wyoming students, parents, and anyone really to fill it out.



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5 responses to “Wyoming Education Department starts new online teacher evaluation program

  1. Sean

    You know your evaluation reminds me of the “old maid” schoolteacher I worked with in “Deep” East Texas. At age 54 she married for the first time in her life. We were thrilled for her. She had found the love of her life and he was as we say in Texas ” A good ole boy” who had never married either.
    At the end of the year after she had married, the principal marked her down on her evaluation. He was mad she was not as involved in “community” events as she was when she was single. Upset, and now married to a man with some means, she retired. That school’s science department still hasn’t recovered.
    BTW: They are in their 60s now and just returned from a trip to New Zealand.

  2. Roxy

    More pertinent evaluation questions: 1) Does he have at least 100 teen FB friends? 2) Can she smell hormones; this skill is helpful in gauging the concentration level of the class? 3) Does he make cocktails for teacher friends after a hard day at school?

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