Principal stops talking before finishing story

Bellington, AL (TWP)

 In breaking news out of Bellington High School, in a suburb of Montgomery, Principal Jonas Rancic broke off in the telling of “that time the plaster fell from the ceiling into my chicken-fried steak at the dining room table” to respond to a teacher.

 Secretary Shirley Jacobson was shocked at the turn of events. “I’ve never heard him not finish a story.” She added in a lower voice, “And believe me, I’ve heard every story he has. Right here, in front of my desk where I . . . can’t get away.”

 Sources say that just as Rancic was arriving at the crucial plaster-dust-in-the-gravy climax, chemistry teacher Jillian Simpson arrived to ask for help bringing in a load of chemicals from a truck waiting at the cafeteria doors.

 “We’re not allowed to let students carry these boxes,” Simpson explained to reporters. “I couldn’t find the custodian or the assistant principal. The driver was getting impatient. My only alternative was to interrupt Principal Rancic in his story.”

 According to Peter Couch, a substitute teacher who bent over to pick up a paper clip, thus unwittingly positioning himself in story range of Rancic, the story was spoken loudly enough that the secretary could not finish a phone conversation with a parent.

 “I saw Ms. Jacobson apologize and put the phone down. I kept backing away from the office hallway, but Mr. Rancic  kept coming forward and talking. There was no break in the story.”

 Numerous teachers, students, and parents who described themselves as victims of Rancic’s endless stories declined to comment, though they murmured astonishment at the day’s event.

 Couch said he wished he could buy Simpson a dozen roses, but the thirty-five dollars he was making for teaching that day wouldn’t cover the cost.



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3 responses to “Principal stops talking before finishing story

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  2. Roxy

    Love the satire. So very true. Take it from a veteran of this war!

  3. Sean

    Good stuff…..and so close to being true…..

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